Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crunch On These Numbers

Number of telecommuters to quadruple by 2010
“The International Telework Association and Council estimates that within the next two years, the number of U.S. employees teleworking will increase from the current 26 million to 100 million.”
From Bricks to Clicks (Gainesville Times)

Save $3,000 in gas a year by telecommuting
“If you commute five days a week, 60 miles round trip each day, you pay about $56.25 a week based on a per gallon price of $3.75 and an average gas mileage of 20 per gallon. That’s nearly $3,000 you’re spending on gas per year, compared to $2,100 a year when gas prices were $2.75, for example.”
Gas Gouged? Try Telecommuting. (MSNBC)

Is there a correlation? I think yes.

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AVM said...

One other interesting takeaway from the Gainesville Times article above: it mentions a study that found 13% of federal employees do NOT want to telecommute. The main reason cited was fear of isolation. But what I found striking about that number is that it shows that 87% DO want to work from home.

What about you? Do you worry you'd feel isolated? Please comment!