Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Impressions of Arkansas

Hot (Highs 90s, lows 70s. Big homes have A/C units one step down from industrial strength.)

Humid (83% today. Prepare to feel damp and pitted.)

Green (49 inches of rainfall per year. 6th highest in the US.)

Friendly (Everybody smiles, greets you and chats you up.)

Garrulous (The conversation could go all night.)

Thirsty (“Cold beer,” or “coalbeer” as it’s pronounced, is an important part of the lexicon.)

Inexpensive (That beer will cost you $1.75 to $2. Miller Lite is most popular.)

Tornado-and-Hail-Prone (Many cars and buildings are pock-marked due to hail damage.)

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